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Assemble a good team.
We take care of our own.
Reinvestment in the community.


Refocus the more than $400,000 a year it spends on marketing to show a greater return on investment. Solicit open competitive bids for those services that ask prospective marketing companies to propose new ideas. Make every attempt to spend those dollars locally, where possible.

Arts & Culture

We must cherish and nurture our cultural history and diversity, as well as each of the written, spoken, played and hand created art forms that express those unique tri-cultural and personal family histories that make up the rich tapestry that is the Taos community.


Support for a strong local educational system from kindergarten to college. Development of more college degree options through UNM-Taos that allow students a better education without the cost of having to leave the community.


Support the development of workforce and affordable housing in the Town so that our young families, teachers, firemen, police, emerging young business owners and senior citizens can afford to stay here in Taos and continue to contribute to the culture and economy of our community, from cradle to grave.


The Town of Taos needs to recognize the potential of recreational tourism by supporting local community recreational organizations that develop activities that promote Taos as a destination for tournaments, events, families and professional athletes.


As County Commission Chairman, Dan Barrone is working closely with the New Mexico Dept. of Transportation and has obtained to improve the traffic congestion, parking, pedestrian and bicycle concerns through our Town.

Public Safety

Investments in public safety should not just be expensive window dressing but should provide real improvements that make our citizens and first responders safer.

Historic & Cultural Preservation

As a proven business leader, Dan recognizes that our existing businesses are the heart of our economy, but that they have been ignored too long. For that reason, when the Town was offered and lost the opportunity to become a NM Main Street community, Dan Barrone directed the County to apply for the designation.

Intergovernmental Cooperation

Governments working together and the need for shared services is not an option, it is a necessity. The people expect their leaders to work together to reduce costs, not to promote their personal agendas.

Employee Development

We must develop programs in our community and schools that will allow us to hire locally first in filling openings in government, but we must hire those that are the most qualified to deliver the highest quality of services for our citizens, not those whom we are related to, do business with or owe favors to.

Developing New Funding to Reduce Taxes

Dan Barrone would restore and expand the Town’s grants department and where possible work with the County, UNM, our legislators, the County, the State, the League of Municipalities and the other Enchanted Circle communities to identify and bring in new revenue.

Job Creation

The $48,000,000 secured by Dan Barrone as County Chairman to build the new county complex resulted in $144,000,000 in outside investment into the Taos economy during the worst recession in our lifetime, resulting in needed income to contractors, suppliers, hotels, supermarkets, banks, stores and other Taos employers.

Youth & Family Activities

The Barrone’s believe that family and community service are core values to the Taos community and believe that we all should lead by example.

Senior Citizens

As Taos County Commission Chairman, Dan is leading the effort to respond quickly to requests by the State for the County take over the Ancianos program throughout the county to ensure that services continue to be provided to all of our senior citizens, from home delivered meals to senior transportation and free lunches to those over 60.


Taos county Commission Chairman Dan Barrone is working with local veterans groups, legislative leaders and the Governor’s office to establish Taos as a state pilot project in order to establish a local veterans cemetery to honor those who have served our community and country by allowing them to rest forever here in honor in their home community.

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During the last seven years, Dan Barrone has been part of a fiscally sound county administration.

In the News Dan Barrone for Taos Mayor 2014.

  • “Poached” OR “Scrambled”? Cordova Resorts to New Lows in Lies and Exaggeration +

    Taosenos were greeted this Friday to a new a barrage of Darren Cordova commercials making outrageous claims filled with innuendos about charges brought against County Commissioner Dan Barrone in the past for “poaching”.

    The ads question Dan’s integrity because of the seriousness of the charges and their repeated nature.

    There is only one problem with the commercial; it is untrue, dragging our local politics down

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    FEBRUARY 20, 2014

    TAOS COUNTY, NM - Taos County was contacted today by the Office of the Inspector General for Housing and Urban Development and it was confirmed that over $782,086.14 will be recovered and returned to the County’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program under an agreement between the US Attorney’s Office, the Inspector General (OIG) for Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Albuquerque Office

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    FEBRUARY 20, 2014

    TAOS COUNTY, NM - Taos County was contacted today by representatives of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and informed that the County has been selected as one of a handful of federal, state, county and municipal governments nationwide to be recognized for its work over the past decade in hazard planning,

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  • Taos Mesa Brewery Endorsement for Dan Barrone for Taos Mayor +

    "As County Commission Chairman, Dan Barrone supported us through the county permitting process in the midst of staunch opposition. He is pro business, with personal knowledge on how difficult it is to start and grow an enterprise.

    Dan Barrone knows that removing burdensome hurdles is the best way to enable businesses to survive and thrive."

    The Founding Partners of Taos Mesa Brewing
    Peter Kolshorn

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  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Endorses Barrone for Taos Mayor +

    Barrone for Mayor

    The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
    Council 18 and Union Local 1193

    Proudly Support and Endorse County Commissioner Dan Barrone for Mayor of Taos.

    Labor and Management working together as partners for the good of the public and the community

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  • Our Children, Our Future +

    Supported by

    Antonio L Cruz, President, Taos Tigers Athletic Boosters

    Miguel & Regina Romero

    Monica Gonzalez-Wilder, 4-H Program Assistant

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  • Listen to the radio ads. Dan Barrone for Taos Mayor +

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  • Stream Along with Barrone +

    In case you missed it...


    Daniel R. Barrone has been a popular and effective Taos County Commissioner for six years and County Commission Chairman for four years, overseeing 260 employees and a $48,000,000 annual budget. A long-time Taos resident, he has also been a highly successful businessman in the lumber, housing and construction industries. Mr. Barrone is involved and passionate in many areas, including

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  • A Letter to County Residents: Support Grass Roots Campaigns +

    by Bill Whaley |

    The current administration of the Town has focused on rewarding the few, the private drive for profits, at the expense of the public good: examples include the follies at the Command Center (E911-Dispatch), arbitrary and capricious annexation, controversy at the library, poor m&r at the Youth and Family Center, decaying streets, water and sewer infrastructure, impairment of acequias, spending the historic

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  • Town Sinking into Morass of Financial and Political Scandal +

    Rumor Walks Among Us

    Since a district judge ruled in favor of the County’s lawsuit to quash the 6.5-mile shoestring annexation of the airport, the Town is expected to pay back a minute amount of gross receipts taxes (GRT) collected this year. The Town had hoped, however, to move forward on the airport project, collect the GRT from contractors when construction began to help

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  • Taos Politics, Culture, and the Social Contract +

    Not only has the current administration in the persons of Mayor Cordova, Councilors Peralta and Abeyta ignored both the historic culture and principles of sound management but the threesome hired a team of itinerant executives to attack other elected officials and subsidized a private radio station to engage in shock jock tactics against those who disagree with their tactics and policies. Nothing could be

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  • Let's go to the races in Taos +

    by Joan Livingston |

    The ballot is set for the town of Taos election March 4.

    In Taos, we have a three-way race for mayor, a six-way race for two seats on town council, and even one for municipal judge. Questa, too, has contested seats.

    Some candidates announced early. Others waited until Tuesday (Jan. 7), the official declaration day.

    Now the fun begins.

    This week

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  • Filing day for 2014 town elections +

    from the

    And they're off! Candidates filed Tuesday (Jan. 7) to run for Taos town council, mayor and municipal judge in the March 4 election.

    Candidates file for mayor, council and judge races in Taos

    It’s going to be a field of mostly familiar candidates running in the Taos municipal elections March 4.

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  • Judge McElroy quashes Town’s attempted “shoestring” Annexation of Airport +

    by Bill Whaley |

    At District Court on Wednesday, December 18, 2013, Judge Jeff McElroy upheld the motion filed by Taos County to quash the Town of Taos’s shoestring annexation of the Taos Airport because the action by the town council violated state statutes.

    The “facts” show, according to the judge, that the town did not file a “petition” for annexation as required by statute.

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  • Taos candidates file for March election +

    by JR Logan |

    Candidates seeking seats on the Taos Town Council, the town mayor seat, and the municipal judge post filed paperwork with the town clerk Tuesday (Jan. 7).

    Those filing included:


    -Dan Barrone

    -Darren Córdova (incumbent)

    -Fred Peralta

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We win this together.
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Latest Supporters

Dan Daily
Mr. Barrone is the most ethical, honest and trustworthy Taoseño I have met in my 18 years here. I would trust him with my life and not feel the even the slightest bit nervous about it. I have every confidence that he will be a terrific mayor and Taos will be the better with his leadership. Vote Barrone and you will not be disappointed!
Friday, 10 January 2014
Christopher Pacheco
I believe Dan Barrone is the most suitable mayoral candidate to represent the city of Taos as Chief Administrative Officer. Mr. Barrone is a man with true integrity; a man with a great strength of character; a hard working family man, a successful business owner, a man who accepts his responsibilities, and a man that works to finish a job begun. Mr. Barrone has a strong leadership background in bu...
Thursday, 09 January 2014
Beverly Haldiman
I know Dan through relatives of his who are my friends. I know him to be honest, intelligent, kind and considerate. He cares about Taos and has also shown great leadership, poise and commitment as a Taos County Commissioner. I know he will be an outstanding mayor!
Thursday, 09 January 2014


  • County Complex +

    Barrone managed to work with commissioners and the public to get the new complex built and restored order to the commission body this year. Read More
  • Peralta On Cordova +

    "Peralta said he is happy with how the town government has operated under Córdova." Read More
  • On Dan Running for Mayor +

    "Those of us who believe in a “working” mayor applaud his decision." Read More
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